The island of Vis (Lissa in Italian) lies in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, along the Croatian coast. This island is one of the best spots for diving of the Adriatic, with clear crystalline water and fantastic wrecks to be discovered. The dives range from easy recreational until deep technical because of the depth. I already spent two summer vacations in this little mountain rising from the sea in the nice village of Komiža.

The wreck of Teti is the best for recreational divers

The best dives are usually characterized by wrecks, like the Teti (-10 to -35m),  the Vassilios (-30 to -51), the B24 (-40 m while the tail of the airplane lies at -52m), the Fortunal (-56m). Shallow reef dives are also present, especially on the NW edge of the island at Šika 6 or in the shallow caverns along the SW coast. There are basically dives for all the different levels of diving: the only thing to remember is that the water is relatively cold, even in August, with 16 degrees celsius at 25 m of depth.

The wreck of Vassilios
The wreck of Fortunal, at 56 m
The B24 airplane at 40m of depth. This is one of the most beautiful dives on this island.

Luckily, around this island there is still a lot of fish, especially sardines, but is also common to see dolphins, congers and moorays, more rarely Mediterranean parrot fish, the St Peter, lobsters, etc. Many walls are plenty of gorgonians and sponges, with an outstanding biodiversity.

Shallow caverns in the SW side of the island

There are several diving centers in the island, but I prefer to go to the B-24 diving center, owned by the Croatian freediving champion Veljano Zanki: the environment is very friendly and very professional, perfect for a diving holiday. They can also fill tanks with nitrox and trimix without any problem.

The bay where the B24 diving is.
The port of Komiža