Currently, I’m spending quite a lot of time in the Netherlands, fighting with the bad weather and the wind gusts. Amsterdam is considered the city of the canals and the bikes, and I tried to capture this mood in these picture. I must tell, honestly, that this city still has not captured me completely from the photographic point of view, probably because of the bad weather I experienced here.

Bikes everywhere

Bikes are really part of the life of this city: everybody moves on two wheels, with every kind of weather and light. That’s why, everywhere we can find bikes parked een in the most remote corners of the historical center, creating some iconic images that are often catch in postcards.

Canals are part of the life of Amsterdam: it’s a way where goods are transported, where turists move on boats, but especially is the home of several inhabitants. The house boats are something special of this city, with boats modified to be proper houses where people lives.