Usually from Belluno, Italy, or from somewhere in the world, depending on the period. I created this website mostly for focusing on my main hobbies: caving, diving / cave diving and photography. I am lucky as these hobbies are also linked to my job, as a geologist.

I started caving in 1992 when I was 15, mostly by curiosity. Tired to see only fossil reefs as geologist, I decided to start scuba diving in 2015 to see at least some living corals. I got addicted to scuba so much that in 2017 I unified caving and diving as cave diving.

I try always to bring a camera with me, in every place I’m going, both in nature, in water, or walking in town. Honestly, I do not remember the first time I used a camera, as I was child, playing with dad’s Voigtlander or Nikkormat. Now I am using mostly digital cameras, but sometimes I like to take again a film camera to make some “slow” photography. Depending by the mood, I like black and white or color photography.

Enjoy my pictures and, if you want a photoshooting or simply a picture at full resolution, do not hesitate to contact me.